When you don’t fit the labels

It’s been several months since I write my last blog post, and in that time I’ve come back to work after maternity leave and started teaching at MMU again. So it’s been a busy time but I feel I’m getting back into a balance with work again.

Lat weekend this interview I wrote with Ally was published in The Guardian’s Weekend magazine. Ally shared her story so openly and honestly about what it’s like to be the parent of a non-binary teenager – someone who doesn’t identify as either male or female.

Everything from pronouns to changing rooms are geared up for people who know exactly what gender they are, so Ally feels she has to really fight for her child Caleb to be able to have an education, access to healthcare and a lot of other things on the same terms as everyone else.

Ally has been helped along the way by the charity Mermaids who provide advice and support for children and young people who are questioning their gender, along with their families and friends.