Beating postnatal depression

It was a pleasure to speak to Marie Carr and help her share her incredible story of beating severe postnatal depression in both Take A Break magazine and the Daily Mirror.

Marie had IVF in the Czech Republic and found out she was pregnant with twins a few days after her 50th birthday. But severe pre and postnatal depression meant she considered a termination, couldn’t bond with her baby girls – who were born 12 weeks early weighing just 1lb 11oz each – and even considered giving them up for adoption.

Marie bravely shared her story first in February:

Marie's story in Take a Break
Marie’s story in Take a Break

Her story was then featured in the Daily Mirror on Saturday 23 April.

Marie Carr Daily Mirror
Marie’s story in the Daily Mirror

Marie and her daughters are now doing well, and I’m sure her story will have helped many other women in a similar position.